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Are celebrities using children’s books to stay in favour with public


The most recent in a long series of big names to compose youngsters’ books when hard times arise, Barack Obama has joined the positions of kids’ writers with his book, Of thee I sing.

Book shops over the world are loaded with superstar offerings and Obama is not the principal VIP to swing to composing youngsters’ books when they have been seen not exactly positively in the press. Despite the fact that as a matter of fact, he is the principal president to point his work at kids. n.

Surely understood names, for example, Madonna (who discharged her first of six kids’ books, The English Roses, in 2003) and Sarah Ferguson (who has discharged a series of books all through her numerous times of disfavor) have hopped on the temporary fad.

It is imagined that these superstars (counting previous First-Lady, Hilary Clinton) trust that by demonstrating their milder, sympathetic side, will recapture general society’s trust and regard in the wake of going wrong. Take Jordan, a.k.a Katie Price, for instance – after a series of assertions and allegations in the press, Jordan discharged her sparkly pink offering, My Pony Care book.

Obama has given himself some redeeming quality, as all his returns going to philanthropy. All cash picked up from offers of the distribution will advantage the Fisher House Foundation, a philanthropy committed to the offspring of warriors injured or slaughtered in fight, and Obama is not giving any meetings in connection to the discharge.

Different critics have additionally ascribed the big names’ energy to the achievement accomplished by the exceptionally well known Harry Potter books, which made JK Rowling both a VIP and a mogul.

Regardless of the way that numerous pessimists see superstars’ composition aspirations as a cash making undertaking, it can be contended that it doesn’t make a difference who’s composed the books; if kids are more disposed to take a seat and read on the grounds that their most loved big name is connected to the novel, where is the damage?

By perusing more, youngsters augment their vocabulary and development their improvement. This result is sure regardless of the possibility that the books themselves may at last be a skeptical endeavor at making money and making reputation.

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