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As Facebook News Feed limit For Facebook Privacy Settings


Facebook privacy settings friends from all walks of life, it is possible that one pictures by which best suit your loved ones from Great Aunt Sally. Fortunately, you can change the permissions for Facebook privacy settings to specify to see who is shown on the items in the news feed. In the Facebook privacy settings, the visibility of their news feed to your friends to limit those only members of some of their friends or just specific users. Difficulty: Pretty simple Instructions 1 Access the Facebook privacy settings website and log in your Facebook privacy settings account. 2 Click on “Account” in the upper right corner of the window and click on “Facebook privacy settings” from the drop-down menu. The current layout of the new editorial workflow Facebook privacy settings are in “Share on Facebook privacy settings” category included. 3 Click on “Custom Facebook privacy settings” to access the Facebook privacy settings for your news source. A new window opens and displays the current Facebook privacy settings. 4 Click on the drop down menu next to “I messages” to clarify who should be able to see the articles published at news source. Click on a group from the list to limit visibility to only users in that group. Click on the facebook privacy settings “if you prefer to access your own or if you tag some users hide limit. 5 Click on the drop down menu next to any other category of information that you limit the provision of news, and enter the access level. At least you probably want access to “pictures and videos that are in designated” and “you can see the wall posts from friends” to limit the visibility of RES news to another, you change. 6 Unchecked the box next to “friends can write on my whiteboard,” if you want to help not for someone other than your own news feed.

Death Race – A Top Quality Action Movie Or Not

Film 'DEATH RACE ; DEATH RACE 3000' (2008)
26 September 2008
Allstar Collection/UNIVERSAL
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Death Race was released in 2008 and was the latest high action movie to star Jason Statham. The film was based on the 1975 film Death Race, although it wasn’t a straight remake as there were clear differences between the two. So was this movie any good?

Well let me describe the movie first of all. The setting is 2012 and the American economy has completely gone into meltdown (not as far-fetched as it sounds given recent events). Money is tight and the prisons are heaving as many people turn to crime as a way of making ends meet.

Jason Statham’s character Jensen Ames has just come out of prison himself and is starting to manage fairly well. He has a wife called Suzy and a baby girl to look after. However things take a turn for the worse as he arrives home to find his wife brutally murdered. Worse still Jensen is actually framed for this murder and is therefore sent back to prison.

The prison he arrives at is a high security one run by a female warden (played by Joan Allen). This warden runs a tight ship and actually uses the prisoners for financial gain. She allows the prisoners to take part in a fearsome race (which is broadcast live on TV) around the prison grounds in order to try and win the ultimate prize which is their release from captivity.

If they win five races they are allowed to leave the prison. Anyway four of the races have been won by a masked driver called ‘Frankenstein’ and as events unfold Ames is allowed to assume the identity of this driver in the final race. He reluctantly accepts and the movie then kicks into gear.

From then on there are some fantastic action sequences as we see the various prisoners doing whatever they can to destroy each other and win the ultimate prize. The movie was very well shot and the computerized graphics are top notch. Even the sound effects are impressive.

Of course there’s not much of a plot or indeed a meaningful storyline, but it’s still a fairly enjoyable movie. Jason Statham is on top form as the lead character and there is also an excellent part played by Ian McShane as well. The ending will not disappoint either so overall if you’re a fan of action movies, I would say that Death Race, although not one of the all-time classics, is still worth watching.

Ann Sanfelippo scams – News


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