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Auto Racing, It’s Not Just a Sport


For decades, we have heard people debating whether racing is a sport or not. Like most involved in the racing industry, I have stood strong behind my reasons why racing is a sport. After all, Webster’s Dictionary defines a sport as “any activity in which athletes compete against one another.” However, in the face of tragedy, I must go back and adjust my stance. Racing isn’t just a sport, it’s more than that. It’s family, it’s friends, it’s… Life.

Racing is one of the few sports where week in and week out you have the honor, or not so much, of competing against the same group of people. Grassroots or at the professional level you get to know, respect, and befriend your competitors… until the helmet gets pulled on. The brotherhood this creates shows in face of tragedy as with the recent loss of Jason Leffler. Every racer understands the risks associated with racing. They have accepted that risk and chosen to continue racing, not for the money, because this is what they love… it’s what they live for.

Chances are you will never catch Tiger Woods at your local golf course playing in a scramble, just because he wanted to hit some balls. You won’t get dunked on by Blake Griffin in a 5 on 5 pick-up game at the rec center. Racers are a different athlete. On any given weekend, you never know when you might walk through the gates of your local short track and see some of NASCAR’s finest trading paint with the locals… just because.

When tragedy strikes the racing community, everyone associated feels it. It doesn’t matter if you race dirt, asphalt, as a hobby, or as a professional it is felt by all. In racing nothing is for certain, except that eventually you will wreck. Some more than others, some harder than others but if you do it long enough, it will happen. Racers cheat death more often than not, but when she rears her ugly head we all stop to mourn. We take some time to pray for the family, hug our kids, and slap a Rest In Peace sticker on the B post. Then we all climb back into the car and tell ourselves, it can’t happen to me.

It’s not the money fueling these drivers to get back behind the wheel. Some spend every last dime just to make it to the track, not for the prize money, but for the chance to get their picture with that black and white checkered flag. The Holy Grail racers spend their life chasing. They’re fueled by the excitement, the adrenaline, the friendships, and because… it’s their life! The next time someone tells me that racing isn’t a sport, I’ll tip my racing cap and politely state, ” You’re right… it’s bigger than that.”

All Sports Channel A Winner On Sirius


On the off chance that you haven’t saw yet, Sirius Satellite Radio added another station to its programming. Sirius Sports Central is currently on Channel 123 and it’s great. For all you enthusiasts of the Tony Bruno Show, he has his own show now on Sirius. This channel was made for those of us who appreciate a wide range of games, not simply football.

Try not to misunderstand me, I appreciate football season as much as anyone else. Sports Central certainly has what’s coming to its of football news, yet at times I appreciate exchanging riggings and discussing an alternate game, similar to what’s happening in boxing, what’s in store from LeBron James this year, or what number of PGA visit triumphs Tiger now has added to his repertoire. Sirius Radio says this channel will cover “an assortment of expert and school games” and I believe that portrayal is accurate.

So back to the Tony Bruno Show – in the event that you are not officially acquainted with the recompense winning Bruno, you ought to be. His show pretense weekdays from 9:00 am-1:00 pm ET. Bruno is one of the best games anchor people alive and has the experience and acknowledgment to back it up. He’s been in the biz for a long time and has secured everything from the Super Bowl to the Olympics to the Kentucky Derby. And so on, he’s been there. Notwithstanding Bruno, Sirius Sports Central will telecast The Arnie Spanier Show, Todd Wright Tonight, and the David Stein Show.

My most loved part about the new Sports channel are the new projects Sirius made notwithstanding the elite programming that as of now exists. So on the off chance that you like listening to the school sports appear, “Rivals Radio,” then you’ll appreciate “The Sirius College Football Coaches Show.” And in the event that you like the games business syndicated program with promoting and collectibles specialists Brandon Steiner and Andrew Bogusch then you may likewise appreciate the “ABC’s of Sports,” a guest situated show about making sports more agreeable for contenders and observers.

One of the coolest projects is Sirius Fight Club facilitated by Randy Gordon. Gordon is the previous Chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission and previous Editor-in-Chief of The Ring magazine. So all you battle fans will be upbeat to realize that Gordon is covering everything that is going ahead in boxing and blended hand to hand fighting. Sirius Fight Club isn’t a mystery however, so advise every one of your pals it’s alright to discuss it.

SiriusSatellite Radio offers a huge amount of games programming including NFL Radio on station 124, NASCAR Radio on station 128, and NBA Radio on station 127 notwithstanding this new station. In case you’re any sort of games fan then you’re going to truly appreciate Sirius Sports Central Station on Channel 123.

The Appeal of Action Movies


Activity motion pictures have been around for quite a while and they don’t appear to go anyplace. Truth be told, they’re improving constantly! More exceptional, more practical and they are attracting more individuals to the theater and rental boxes than any time in recent memory. Why the speak to these sorts of motion pictures? Youthful and old alike, men and even a decent number of ladies, really appreciate activity motion pictures. Here are only a couple reasons why that is;

Improbable Realness

There is little authenticity to advanced activity films. The battles are choreographed to flawlessness, the sound impacts are blasting, the visual impacts are fortifying and it’s all so genuine – just, it isn’t genuine. Truth be told, a portion of the occasions that happen and tricks performed in real life motion pictures are close incomprehensible. In any case, they look genuine and that makes them enjoyable to watch. Before, activity motion pictures were less sensible and however nobody took much notice to the absence of basic impacts that could have enhanced the movies, today you can watch those movies and at any rate get a decent snicker at a performing artist “flying” over a room being pulled along by clear strings. That is significantly more genuine than we need to see our activity motion pictures to get. Today they may show the impossible, however it’s done in an absolutely sensible manner.

Incredible Violence

Who doesn’t love a decent battle? They are best seen from the security of a theater seat, not the back rear way of a bar. In addition, those battles don’t pack close as much punch as the ones seen on the wide screen while watching activity films. At the point when is the last time you saw a person break out Bruce Lee style moves? On the other hand go up against a gathering of folks with little exertion? Unquestionably, it was not in the place where you grew up. In spite of the fact that we don’t grasp savagery in our general public, we cherish getting our fix of it on the silver screen.


Whether we are viewing grand structures disintegrate or seeing a fierce beating, we esteem embellishments. The conceivable outcomes appear to be inestimable when cutting edge embellishments are being used. Autos blast, heads crush through auto windows, body parts are broken – and it’s all seen and heard in a way that makes us flinch! Close supernatural make up aestheticness, amazing trick work and green screen innovation utilization make up a lot of the swelling spending plans of activity motion pictures.

Greater and Better Than Real Life

Most motion pictures are relatable and that is all well and fine. Who hasn’t been enamored? You have, much the same as the poor saps in that sentimental show. Who hasn’t gotten plastered in Vegas? Unquestionably not you. Who hasn’t consumed out a space loaded with a noteworthy medication kingpin’s finest awful folks while shouting “Make proper acquaintance with my little companion!”? That’d be the majority of us. Activity motion pictures permit us to escape from the standard, in any event for a hour and a half. With the genuine issues confronted today, you can see why that break would offer.

Are celebrities using children’s books to stay in favour with public


The most recent in a long series of big names to compose youngsters’ books when hard times arise, Barack Obama has joined the positions of kids’ writers with his book, Of thee I sing.

Book shops over the world are loaded with superstar offerings and Obama is not the principal VIP to swing to composing youngsters’ books when they have been seen not exactly positively in the press. Despite the fact that as a matter of fact, he is the principal president to point his work at kids. n.

Surely understood names, for example, Madonna (who discharged her first of six kids’ books, The English Roses, in 2003) and Sarah Ferguson (who has discharged a series of books all through her numerous times of disfavor) have hopped on the temporary fad.

It is imagined that these superstars (counting previous First-Lady, Hilary Clinton) trust that by demonstrating their milder, sympathetic side, will recapture general society’s trust and regard in the wake of going wrong. Take Jordan, a.k.a Katie Price, for instance – after a series of assertions and allegations in the press, Jordan discharged her sparkly pink offering, My Pony Care book.

Obama has given himself some redeeming quality, as all his returns going to philanthropy. All cash picked up from offers of the distribution will advantage the Fisher House Foundation, a philanthropy committed to the offspring of warriors injured or slaughtered in fight, and Obama is not giving any meetings in connection to the discharge.

Different critics have additionally ascribed the big names’ energy to the achievement accomplished by the exceptionally well known Harry Potter books, which made JK Rowling both a VIP and a mogul.

Regardless of the way that numerous pessimists see superstars’ composition aspirations as a cash making undertaking, it can be contended that it doesn’t make a difference who’s composed the books; if kids are more disposed to take a seat and read on the grounds that their most loved big name is connected to the novel, where is the damage?

By perusing more, youngsters augment their vocabulary and development their improvement. This result is sure regardless of the possibility that the books themselves may at last be a skeptical endeavor at making money and making reputation.

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