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Death Race – A Top Quality Action Movie Or Not

Film 'DEATH RACE ; DEATH RACE 3000' (2008)
26 September 2008
Allstar Collection/UNIVERSAL
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Death Race was released in 2008 and was the latest high action movie to star Jason Statham. The film was based on the 1975 film Death Race, although it wasn’t a straight remake as there were clear differences between the two. So was this movie any good?

Well let me describe the movie first of all. The setting is 2012 and the American economy has completely gone into meltdown (not as far-fetched as it sounds given recent events). Money is tight and the prisons are heaving as many people turn to crime as a way of making ends meet.

Jason Statham’s character Jensen Ames has just come out of prison himself and is starting to manage fairly well. He has a wife called Suzy and a baby girl to look after. However things take a turn for the worse as he arrives home to find his wife brutally murdered. Worse still Jensen is actually framed for this murder and is therefore sent back to prison.

The prison he arrives at is a high security one run by a female warden (played by Joan Allen). This warden runs a tight ship and actually uses the prisoners for financial gain. She allows the prisoners to take part in a fearsome race (which is broadcast live on TV) around the prison grounds in order to try and win the ultimate prize which is their release from captivity.

If they win five races they are allowed to leave the prison. Anyway four of the races have been won by a masked driver called ‘Frankenstein’ and as events unfold Ames is allowed to assume the identity of this driver in the final race. He reluctantly accepts and the movie then kicks into gear.

From then on there are some fantastic action sequences as we see the various prisoners doing whatever they can to destroy each other and win the ultimate prize. The movie was very well shot and the computerized graphics are top notch. Even the sound effects are impressive.

Of course there’s not much of a plot or indeed a meaningful storyline, but it’s still a fairly enjoyable movie. Jason Statham is on top form as the lead character and there is also an excellent part played by Ian McShane as well. The ending will not disappoint either so overall if you’re a fan of action movies, I would say that Death Race, although not one of the all-time classics, is still worth watching.

The Appeal of Action Movies


Activity motion pictures have been around for quite a while and they don’t appear to go anyplace. Truth be told, they’re improving constantly! More exceptional, more practical and they are attracting more individuals to the theater and rental boxes than any time in recent memory. Why the speak to these sorts of motion pictures? Youthful and old alike, men and even a decent number of ladies, really appreciate activity motion pictures. Here are only a couple reasons why that is;

Improbable Realness

There is little authenticity to advanced activity films. The battles are choreographed to flawlessness, the sound impacts are blasting, the visual impacts are fortifying and it’s all so genuine – just, it isn’t genuine. Truth be told, a portion of the occasions that happen and tricks performed in real life motion pictures are close incomprehensible. In any case, they look genuine and that makes them enjoyable to watch. Before, activity motion pictures were less sensible and however nobody took much notice to the absence of basic impacts that could have enhanced the movies, today you can watch those movies and at any rate get a decent snicker at a performing artist “flying” over a room being pulled along by clear strings. That is significantly more genuine than we need to see our activity motion pictures to get. Today they may show the impossible, however it’s done in an absolutely sensible manner.

Incredible Violence

Who doesn’t love a decent battle? They are best seen from the security of a theater seat, not the back rear way of a bar. In addition, those battles don’t pack close as much punch as the ones seen on the wide screen while watching activity films. At the point when is the last time you saw a person break out Bruce Lee style moves? On the other hand go up against a gathering of folks with little exertion? Unquestionably, it was not in the place where you grew up. In spite of the fact that we don’t grasp savagery in our general public, we cherish getting our fix of it on the silver screen.


Whether we are viewing grand structures disintegrate or seeing a fierce beating, we esteem embellishments. The conceivable outcomes appear to be inestimable when cutting edge embellishments are being used. Autos blast, heads crush through auto windows, body parts are broken – and it’s all seen and heard in a way that makes us flinch! Close supernatural make up aestheticness, amazing trick work and green screen innovation utilization make up a lot of the swelling spending plans of activity motion pictures.

Greater and Better Than Real Life

Most motion pictures are relatable and that is all well and fine. Who hasn’t been enamored? You have, much the same as the poor saps in that sentimental show. Who hasn’t gotten plastered in Vegas? Unquestionably not you. Who hasn’t consumed out a space loaded with a noteworthy medication kingpin’s finest awful folks while shouting “Make proper acquaintance with my little companion!”? That’d be the majority of us. Activity motion pictures permit us to escape from the standard, in any event for a hour and a half. With the genuine issues confronted today, you can see why that break would offer.